Sentry Worm Body Pillow Case

style no: AHK776BPLW





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Design by Scarodactyl

Hi everyone! I'm a jeweler by trade and artist on the side--my mainline work has mostly been in pixel art (including some which appeared in Homestuck's Openbound walkaround), but I also do a bit of digital painting. I've had a lot of fun with Homestuck over the years, though recently I've been enjoying some cool and new things as well.
My avatar is from one of my other favorite webcomics, The Princess Planet by Brian McLachlan.


Sentry Worm, Homestuck fan art by Scarodactyl


- Case only
- 100% polyester
- Measures 45.5" (115.57cm) x 15" (38.10cm)
- Double-sided
- Invisible top zipper
​- Body Pillow not included