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Obey Regor Pullover Hoodie

style no: MWFM087HD1


Men's Pullover Hoodie
80% cotton 20% polyester

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Design by Evergreenmind

Hi! i'm Wub, but i also go by WubWub or Green - After both of my nicks, Undergroundwubwubmaster and Evergreenmind ;)

I'm an hobbyist, minor freelance artist and illustrator that specializes in character concepts. I like vibrant colors, cute stuff and high scifi - fantasy! I'm always trying new things and fads with my art and i enojy meeting new likeminded people.

I can be found in both Tumblr and Twitter under Undergroundwubwubmaster, and in Warframe circles under Evergreenmind ❤︎


Obey Regor, Warframe fan art by Undergroundwubwubmaster


Men's Pullover Hoodie
80% cotton 20% polyester