Lovely Ladies Wallet

style no: AHK213WALSWL


Art Print Wallets feature full-coverage artwork with rich pigment color.
- Canvas wallets are made from 100% polyester
- Pleather wallets are made of 100% polyurethane

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Design by Nikki Vernon


Lovely Ladies, Homestuck fan art by Nikki Vernon


The Canvas Wallet features sublimated full-coverage artwork with rich pigment color. The Canvas Wallet has multiple inside pocket slips and rounded edges with a black-border hem.

Canvas Wallet
- Made-to-Order wallet with inside For Fans By Fans branded tag
- When laying flat, wallet measures 9” (22.86cm) long by 3.8” (9.65cm) inches tall
- Created from 100% polyester
- Individual wallet print placement may vary

Pleather Wallet
- Pleather Wallet has embossed logo inside
- Created from durable 100% polyurethane (pleather)