Jade and the Universe Mousepad

style no: AHK644MOPMRW


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Design by DreamingDeeper

Hi! I'm Alice Land, an artist since birth with a forever burning passion inside of my heart. I love many things and love to create things. Either with my hands or inside sandbox like games, I just love building my own world where anything could happen. The one thing I love to do though is share what I love with others and just my love alone too.


Mousepads are available in both Marrow Edge or Raw Edge. The Marrow Edge will not fray over time.

Mousepad Dimensions

-Small 11"x17" (Marrow/Raw)
-Medium 14"x19" (Marrow/Raw)
-Large 16"x21" (Raw only)

Mousepads (Marrow/Raw) are 3mm thickness on all sizes.
Cropping and image placement will vary per size.
Mouse for scale reference only