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Gardening Mousepad

style no: AHK896MOPMRW


Our Marrow Edge mousepads will not fray over time. 

Mousepad Dimensions

- Small 11"x17" 
- Medium 14"x19" 

Mouse for scale reference only

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Design by picopepin

im that little gremlin from the internet who samples only the same deemed-safe chicken flavor of any of the sample kiosks and desperately needs a drink of water after the slightest hint of spice. my tastes vary little and my predictability becomes my calling.

but feferi deserved better


Gardening, Homestuck fan art by Picopepin


Mousepads are available two sizes. The Marrow Edge will not fray over time.

Mousepad Dimensions

- Small 11"x17" (27.94 x 43.18 cm)
- Medium 14"x19" (35.56 x 48.26 cm)

Mousepads are 3mm thickness on all sizes.
Cropping and image placement will vary per size.
Mouse for scale reference only.