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Community FAQ


If you have a question you don't see answered please email us at [email protected]!


How many designs can I submit?
For contests, you are only allowed to submit 10 submissions per user. For Fan Forge, you can submit an unlimited amount of designs. ​ 


Does my design need to be made on the computer?
Nope! We accept traditional as well as digital artwork but please be prepared to provide a print-ready digital FILE upon request.


Should I limit the number of colors in my design?
Our tees are printed digitally so you are not limited in the range of colors you include in the design. We will contact you directly if your design needs to be modified to fit any additional production standards or guidelines.


I'm trying to submit my design but the file is too big. You need a high-resolution file, right?
Your submission image is NOT the same thing as your high-resolution print-ready artwork. The only artwork you need to upload directly to our site is a low-resolution preview image that will display in the contest or Fan Forge gallery. We will request your large artwork if your design is selected for production. If you’re still having trouble uploading your low-resolution preview images, please verify that the images you are uploading are EXACTLY 1000x1000 pixels in size, are in an accepted format (PNG/GIF/JPG), and are LESS than 2MB in file size.


Is it OK for me to promote my designs to people, DeviantArt, Steam, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.?
Absolutely! We encourage every artist submitting to the contest to promote themselves and their designs to friends, family, and followers. Through our experience, we have found that more ratings help determine what the fans really want. So please promote yourselves!!


How do I know if my design is chosen?
The ForFansByFans team will contact you via email if your design is chosen as a finalist to send for the judge's evaluation.


I won a cash prize! Do I still get commission payments on sales?
No, if you accept a cash prize, that is paid for the transference of rights on your work. You will receive paperwork that outlines the details of this but feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to see the draft ahead of time! If you do not accept a cash prize, your payment is in the commission of sales. (Special prizes like Gift Packs are not a replacement for a cash prize.)


I see people cheating. What should I do?
Please email [email protected] detailing what you are suspecting. The more details you can give the better we can evaluate the situation. We take issues of artist ownership VERY seriously, and we will happily work with you if you can demonstrate to us that an entry submitted in someone else's name is your own.


Design Print Area Sizes By Format:



15x19” | 38cm x 48cm​
Click Here For Mens Tee Print Ready Template​
Click Here For Womens Tee Print Ready Template​
Click Here For Unisex Hoodie Print Ready Template​
Click Here For Kids Apparel Print Ready Template​



Small: 11”x17” | 28cm x 43cm
Click Here For Small Mousepad Print Ready Template

Medium: 14”x19” | 35cm x 48cm
Click Here For Medium Mousepad Print Ready Template


Backpack Bag Flap:

11”x17” | 28cm x 43cm
Click Here For Backpack Bag Flap Print Ready Template


Pillow Case:

16.25"x16.25" | 41.27cm x 41.27cm
Click Here For Pillow Case Print Ready Template


Messenger Bag Flap:

17”x13” | 43cm x 33cm
Click Here For Messenger Bag Flap Print Ready Template


Art Print:

14”x20” | 36cm x 51cm
Click Here For 18x24" Art Print Ready Template
20”x32” | 51cm x 81cm
Click Here For 24x36" Art Print Ready Template



3.5”x9” | 9cm x 22cm
Click Here For Wallet Print Ready Template


Face Mask:

Click Here For Face Mask Print Ready Template


Wrap Print Mug:

Click Here For Mug Print Ready Template