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Cleric is How I Roll

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100% cotton basic slim fit men's crew

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Design by ArtableInk

How did you start?:
At first, I transitioned from traditional to digital art over seven years ago, but I continued to create art as a hobby. Then, I became an emerging RPG Tabletop diehard and decided to merge my two passions together. Two years ago, I started ArtableInk to begin my Freelance Illustration business. My growing portfolio includes original character designs primarily for Dungeons and Dragons, professional campaign/party line-up posters, tabletop apparel, epic campaign battle scenes and the list continues to grow.

When was the first moment you realized you could make art for a living?:
The first moment I realized I could make a living on art was when I won both first and second place in the Congressional Art Competition for the State of Oregon when I was thirteen.

Describe your art style:
I'm largely self taught, so I tend explore a lot with my digital creations. I love pieces rich in expressions, dynamic flow and emotion. I always want to create depth and meaning into my work - using colors to capture mood and tone, harnessing the flow of music, and diving into coffee (and sometimes wine.)

Where do you get your inspiration?:
I like to believe my work reflects inspiration from epic fantasy styles, practical medieval attire, words that inspire imagination, and long adventures through magical novels.

What do you hope to achieve with your artwork?:
My hope is that my artwork might bring life to game narratives, and awareness to the Tabletop community. I dream of one day growing my creative business into my own gallery and studio.


Cleric is How I Roll, Dungeon & Dragons fan art by ArtableInk


100% cotton basic slim fit men's crew