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My Little Pony MLP Chibi Vinyl Series 1

style no: 70AMLP1734BDL





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Design by Sam_Bragg

Grew up in a small town. Began drawing when she was old enough to hold a pencil. Enjoys hiking, running, swimming, reading, and of course drawing. A true gamer at heart her current favs are skyrim, assassin's creed and minecraft.


Complete your collection with new clear display cases! The fun doesn't stop at chibis; you can show off your favorite figurines, jewelry, or coffee. What will you display?

These My Little Pony Chibis might just be cuter than the Cake Babies and Parasprites put together! Designed by the ever talented Sajira, these figures are so adorable that you'll want to collect all 8!!

Our My Little Pony Chibis will not be blind boxed. Pre-order your favorites of the 7 characters individually without the risk. You can order exactly what you want! Whether it's Flutterbat, Best Pony, Pinkie Pie, Vinyl Scratch/PON3, Rarity, Princess Twilight Sparkle or Chrysalis.

As an added bonus, we are offering a complete case set of 8 which includes the "welovefine exclusive" of Discord. Discord will only be available in the set!


Case Set includes: All 7 characters plus the "WeLoveFine Exclusive" of Discord.
8 characters in total
(discord is not available for individual purchase)

Each vinyl is approximately: 2 1/2" to 3" tall
*this is a work of art, not a toy.
**ages 14 + up only