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Team Fortress 2 Mini Balloonicorn Plush

style no: ATRS145MNQ1


Team Fortress 2 Mini Balloonicorn Plush




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Oh my goodness! Is it Balloonicorn? The Mayor of Pyroland? Don't be ridiculous, we're talking about an inflatable unicorn. He's the Municipal Ombudsman. Between you and me, Balloonicorn's a joke down at City Hall. Gary Brottman, the inflatable Sewer Superintendent, is sleeping with Balloonicorn's wife. Anyway, when he's riding around on your shoulder don't mention ANY of this to him, because Balloonicorn is on a hair trigger and he's usually pretty drunk.

Balloonicorn Plush comes with a clip attached for easy accessorizing.

Clip on to your bag, belt, hoodie, etc



About 9 inches tall including horn

Decorative Use Only.

Not a Toy

Ages 14 and Up