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Honey Slime Plush

style no: ASLM008MTY1


Honey Slime Batch 3




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Design by Monomi Park

Developer of Slime Rancher for PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One!


Honey Slime is made of soft fabric that is perfect for hugging. It's weighted beany-bottoms keep them from rolling away and their accessory-friendly hang loops make it possible to bring them anywhere. It has been scientifically proven that each Slime’s embroidered expressions bring happiness to everyone around them.

Honey Slime Plush
- Embroidered eyes & mouth
- Applique honeycomb
- Satin cord loop on top of head
Stands about 4" (10.16cm) tall
- Weighted pellets for weight

*Plush are for loving and snuggling only. Not intended for Plort farming

Design Concept by Threnodi