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Lucky Slime Pillow Plush

style no: ASLM014MTP1


Lucky Slime Pillow Plush




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Design by Monomi Park

Developer of Slime Rancher for PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One!


The Lucky Slime Pillow Plush is huggably soft and makes the perfect bedding or couch accent.


Unlike its wild counterpart, this Lucky Slime has been the cause of numerous folk claiming to have lost fortunes. A local farmer reported a strange feeling of "becoming overwhelmed with the need to throw money at it" when they came across the product page for the pillow. Investigations are still underway.

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Slime Properties:

- Attached gold coin on forehead
- Applique face details
- Applique tail and tabby stripes
- Measures 15" (38.10cm) wide by 12" (30.48cm) tall
- 100% polyester, spot clean only