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Homestuck Iron Jade Dress

style no: 70WHK032MFS7







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This dress is required to wield a kick ass PROTON CANNON. Although you will need a good amount of grist to build one.


*Measurements for circumference. Material is stretchy up to 2-3"! :D

LENGTH:  XS- 31", S- 31 1/2", M- 32", L -32 1/2", XL- 33", 2XL- 33 3/4"

CHEST:   XS- 26", S- 27 1/2", M- 30", L- 32", XL- 34", 2XL- 35 1/2"

WAIST:  XS- 24", S- 26", M- 28", L -29", XL- 30", 2XL- 32"


Fit & Flare Tulle Dress

50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

*tulle is machine washable