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True Cancer Pullover Hoodie

style no: MHSP324HD1


Men's Pullover Hoodie
80% cotton 20% polyester

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If your True Sign is Cancer, then it is the same as your traditional zodiac sign. But in the Extended Zodiac, Cancer is just one of 24 signs under the Lime Sign Class. If this is your True Sign, then it means your affiliation with the Lime Sign Class is even stronger than you thought. To distinguish your traditional zodiac sign from your Extended Zodiac sign, you may refer to yourself as a True Cancer.

You also may have noticed the Cancer sign is uncolored, even though it technically belongs to the Lime Sign Class. This is because True Cancer is a rare and special sign, which for mysterious reasons, transcends the Sign Class Spectrum altogether. If you are a True Cancer, the Lime Sign profile still applies to you, but you nevertheless remain a unique outlier to the Extended Zodiac. That is why True Cancer is also known as the Sign of the Signless.

If your true sign is Cancer, then you possess the unique combination of qualities held by all Lime Signs, Prospit Dreamers, and Blood-bound.