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Bag of Holding Messenger Flap

style no: ADDG301SFP


This listing is for the FLAP ONLY. 

You must purchase the Messenger Bag Body separately. 

This item is Made to Order.




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Design by CassandraOOC

Hey there! I'm an artist, gamer and a bit of a fangirl. I got into Homestuck only a few months before it semi-ended but fell absolutely in love with it. I also love pen and paper rpgs and writing.


Bag of Holding, Dugeons & Dragons fan art by CassandraOOC


Introducing For Fans By Fan's Messenger Bag with Sublimated Interchangeable Flap. Each Messenger Flap features full-coverage artwork that covers the entire flap, with rich pigment color. The Sublimated Interchangeable Flap is attached with a zipper, which allows the Messenger Bag Body to be fully customizable by swapping out different flap designs.


**Please note this listing is for the Sublimated Interchangeable FLAP ONLY**

***You must purchase the Messenger Bag Body separately. Any Interchangeable Flap design can attach to the Messenger Bag Body ***

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