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The Waterdeep Beholders

style no: WDDG232CDD1


100% cotton basic slim fit women's crew

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Design by Maynard Mann

Not much to say outside of the fact that I'm an eccentric artist for whom Dungeons and Dragons is a life style not a game, a gate way to far away realms full of adventure, intrigue, excitement, and drama. beyond that which our mundane reality could ever offer. As for my most recent endeavors Iv come to For Fans By Fans in hopes of bringing an idea to life. Im a huge gym goer and I love to Rep D&D while at the gym for the sheer irony of it all. So with my humble screen printing set up I made a few D&D themed shirts of my own design to wear to the gym and quickly I realized I was not the only one with a love for D&D aiming to achieve the physique of a adventure and received many complements on my shirts and designs, and thats what brought me here looking for a place to distribute my designs to like minded individuals and hopefully rake in some revenue in the process!

And if your interested in checking out my more personal non D&D related art, or want to contact me feel free to check out my portfolio site and Deviant Art.


The Waterdeep Beholders, Dungeon & Dragons fan art by Maynard Mann


100% cotton basic slim fit women's crew