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Dungeons & Dragons Menzoberanzan Beware

style no: WDDG148CDD1


Basic women's fitted tee
100% cotton

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Design by Jamie Thomason

Hello, my name is Jamie I was born and raised in Alabama and my favorite color is blue. My hobbies include drawing, reading, playing video games, and watching anime. I draw mostly anime or manga characters, like Meekiy my own creation. My favorite anime is Bleach as it was my first. The video games I play the most are Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, because I am a Nintendork. I like to listen to heavy metal music and hard rock, anything else is off my radar (except orchestrated and some dub-step).
My history with design is short I only learned to use Photoshop and Illustrator in 2014 due to my wanting to be something like a graphic design artist (I have already switched to a dental program). But when I am not working as a cashier or doing one of my hobbies I am either with my boyfriend or with him and our D&D group on a weekly basis skewering Were-boars and Kobolds with my lovely Drow Fighter Zarkira Everoth.

Basic women's fitted tee
100% cotton

D&D Rage of Demons Contest Winner

Matthew Mercer Judge Pick winner will receive $300