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Homestuck DR4GON TH3R3 S33R

style no: WHK077CDD1


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Design by Shelby Mathews

Homestuck Design Contest

Honorable Mention - Prize $75 Cash!

Design by Shelby Mathews

Shelby Martinez-Mathews was just an innocent bystander in college, when she would see her good friend reading Homestuck.  Curious and a bit wanting to be in the loop, she picked up the webcomic and it forever changed her life.  While along the quest to improve her art and become a game artist, she maintained the constant reading to be up to date.  Many pieces of art, music, and cosplays later, she settled to have strong connections with a justice obsessed troll and the crabby one. Now after Graduation she still loves it, and proceeds to try to convert whomever she can at work to read the webcomic with the words 'Just get passed act three'.


Basic women's fitted tee
100% cotton