My Little Pony Applejack Chibi Vinyl

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Design by Sam_Bragg

Grew up in a small town. Began drawing when she was old enough to hold a pencil. Enjoys hiking, running, swimming, reading, and of course drawing. A true gamer at heart her current favs are skyrim, assassin's creed and minecraft.


Well, howdy! Our newest "Fan Voted" My Little Pony Chibi has arrived fresh from Sweet Apple Acres! Applejack is the loyalest of friends and the most dependable of ponies… Plus she is just as cute as can be. She comes complete with her cowboy hat and a juicy red apple. Lasso yours today!

Applejack is not included in the 8 set of Series 1.  This new Fan Voted Series will only be sold individually.

This vinyl is approximately: 3" tall and the apple is 5/8" tall
*this is a work of art, not a toy.
​**ages 14 + up only



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